Ask the Scientists’ Top Stories of 2017

You’ve read about gardening and forest bathing. You’ve learned the layers of your skin and how your bones keep you upright. You’ve asked questions and found answers about nutrients.

And in doing all that, you made 2017 the best year ever on

So, a normal “Top 10 Stories” list just won’t do. That’s why you’ll see the 17 top stories of 2017 below. The list was shaped by your clicks and shares. It shows the science stories you were most interested in during 2017.

But first, watch the video to see which stories the Ask the Scientists team liked most in 2017.

milk type

17. In Kids’ Height, The Type of Milk Matters

When it comes to childhood height, not all milk is created equal.

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bone health

16. Bone Health: Understanding Bone Anatomy

No Bones About It. These facts will help you better understand your skeleton.


15. The Science of Skincare

Taking care of your largest organ starts with science.

14. Can Fitness Bands Improve My Health?

How much do fitness trackers really help with your health?

cell signaling

13. Cell Signaling: How Your Cells Talk to Each Other

Learn about the critical cellular communication that helps your body run smoothly.

picky child

12. Picky Eaters Beware

One study looked at what picky eaters are missing.

11. The Immune System: Your Body’s Guards

The cells of your immune system act as your biological bodyguards.


10. Health Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

See the studies that provide clarity about the health benefits of nutritional supplements.

9. Food for Thought—Nutrients for Brain Health

Feed your hunger for knowledge about brain-health nutrients.


8. Sleep Deprivation and Its Impact on Your Food Intake

Lose Sleep, Gain Weight? See how your sleep may impact your food intake.

7. Whole Fruit Versus Fruit Juice: You Are What You Eat (And Drink)

Your body reacts differently to whole fruit and juice.

6. Glutathione—The Amazing Detoxification Molecule You Might Not Know

You’re mostly water and glutathione. Learn about this plentiful, powerful molecule.

liver detoxification

5. Liver Detoxification Pathways

Find out about your liver’s two-step detoxification process.

4. High Fiber Intake Linked to Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Fiber can give you a fighting chance in the battle to maintain a healthy weight.

3. Few Meet the Definition of Optimal Heart Health

Find out the seven components of optimal heart health and how you stack up.

worst foods for your waistline

2. The Worst Foods for Your Waistline

See the worst foods to eat if you want to maintain your weight.

best time of day to take supplements

1. What is the Best Time of Day to Take Supplements and Vitamins?

Everything you need to know about what time to take your supplements.