What is the best time of day to take supplements?

In general, mineral flux in and out of bone is more active while at rest and some very sensitive individuals may notice a slight relaxation effect from taking mineral supplements (like USANA’s Core Minerals product). On the other hand, some individuals feel that the vitamins in USANA’s Vita-Antioxidant product provide heightened energy, and claim they have trouble sleeping if they take them too late in the evening. Both claims are, unfortunately, difficult to explain with clinical evidence and should not be noticeable by the general population. Vitamins do not contain any stimulants and do not provide direct energy. Similarly, minerals do not contain sedatives or characteristic effects significant enough to cause drowsiness.

Having said this, perception is often quite powerful and even if there is no plausible scientific explanation, there may be individuals who need to adjust their supplement use accordingly. If you experience changes in sleep or energy patterns while using USANA products, USANA scientists recommend trying one of two things – start with a half-dose and gradually work up to a full dose, or take the tablets at a particular time of day (morning for vitamins, evening for minerals) to minimize any effects on energy and/or sleep.

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