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Journey Through the Digestive Tract

Your favorite foods take a wild ride after you take a bite. Picture a go-to snack and consider its journey through your digestive system. Take a ripe, juicy apple, for example. The fruit is full of nutrients for your body to use. But how does that fruit become usable in your body? After all, your […]

Master Your Mood: The Science Behind the Types of Mood

Mood can be hard to predict. It may seem like the product of circumstance or experience. But your mood and mood triggers are much more complex. Stressors spark an emotional response in the body with the help of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals that carry messages) and hormones. So, brain chemistry is just as responsible for your […]

Healthy Hydration – How Your Body Uses Water

You eat to fuel your life. But your body needs more than the energy and nutrients in your diet.  It also needs water to survive. Healthy hydration is required for your body to reach its full potential. And while healthy eating may look different for each individual, water is a universal requirement. There’s no question […]

Travel Nutrition Tips: Eat Healthy While You Travel

The hustle and bustle of travel keeps you active and always moving. But whether for work or pleasure, long trips and quick jaunts aren’t always kind to your diet. Packing takes priority over meal prep. Whole foods are overlooked for their simpler, convenient, sugar-filled counterparts. These realities make travel nutrition tough. But traveling doesn’t need to […]

5 Delicious Heart Healthy Foods You’ll Love

Gearing your nutrition to better serve your heart is good for your ticker, and your overall well-being. It can be tricky to know the right recipe for heart health. There are many diet plans and strategies from which to choose. When sifting through the oodles of fad diets and fitness plans, a well-balanced approach with […]

Sniffing Out the Science of Body Odor

Like it or not, sweating is part of life. It’s your body’s primary method of cooling. Sweat is produced when you exercise, are nervous, or get too hot. Sweat alone is odorless, but it’s often blamed for the noticeable smell that accompanies it. And body odor does creeps up after a good sweat session. This […]

Taking the Mystery Out of Healthy Fingernails

Fingernails come in handy when you have an itch to scratch. But you may not know very much about them. This tough and hardy tissue protects your fingers and toes. Nails help you grip and manipulate small objects. Imagine peeling an orange or unwrapping a gift without them. But what makes for healthy fingernails? Nails […]