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All About the Types of Cells that Make Up Your Body

Cells are the building blocks of life, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some cells are round and small, others are larger and web-like. No matter their look, the cells in your body are highly complex, elegant machines that make life possible. The variety of cell shapes and sizes is essential. Your body […]

Relax with the Nutritional Support of Calming Nutrients

Rest and relaxation are what your body craves after a long day. Feeling occasional stress can stand in the way of the calm you need to recharge your batteries. Luckily, there are calming nutrients found in your diet that help support your relaxation efforts. Whether you’re trying to fall asleep or simply decompress after a […]

Learn How Stress Impacts Your Immune Function

Stress is unavoidable and plays a big role in your life. Some stress can be good—motivating you to accomplish your goals and complete necessary tasks. But a lot of stress is bad, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, even sick. That’s because the negative effects of stress on immune function are significant. Think about your life. Feeling […]

Spice Up Your Life—Eat a Varied Diet

Your old, reliable meals are the easy answer to a dinner dilemma. But when you find yourself mired in menu malaise, do yourself a favor—mix up the food you buy and eat. Chowing down on a varied diet supplies the wide range of nutrients you need to live well. Dietary variety delivers other health benefits, […]

How to Achieve Healthy Weight Loss that Lasts

If you’re alarmed by the number on the bathroom scale, you probably want to find a way to lose weight fast. But healthy weight loss takes place over time, not over the weekend. Small, manageable changes to your diet and exercise will yield lasting results—even if it feels too slow. It’s important to think about […]