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A Healthy Breakfast, a Healthy Start

After a good night’s rest, you’re recharged and ready to take on a new day. It’s important to fuel your body with the energy it needs to get work done. Eating a healthy breakfast is your best bet and sets you up for your entire day ahead. Even if you aren’t hungry in the morning, […]

Phytonutrients 101: A Crash Course in Plant Compounds

Introduction to Plant Compounds Plants are a large portion of a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provide your body with essential nutrition and nourishment. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, these food groups play an active role in keeping you healthy. But your favorite produce has more to offer than meets the eye. Plants […]

Bone Health: Understanding Bone Anatomy

Bones and your skeletal system are often misunderstood. They do a lot of heavy lifting to support your body and give it shape. But that’s not all. Your bones do much more to make your body healthy and strong. And they’re more alive than you realize. Learning about your bone anatomy is the first step […]

Eating Bugs: The Next Block in the Food Pyramid?

If eating bugs makes your skin crawl, you might be in the minority. With more than 1,900 species of edible insects on Earth, bugs are a regular item on the dinner menu. Two billion people regularly munch on insects. Entomophagy (the practice of eating bugs) is common in Africa, Asia, and South America. Insects are […]

10 Reasons Why Being Outside is Important

In today’s world of powerful technology, many people feel the urge to simplify and get back to nature. To experience the health benefits of outdoor recreation, it’s necessary to unplug and recharge in the wilderness. Those who are able to soak up everything nature has to offer find out why being outside is important—it comes […]

Risky Business – Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Warm weather and longer days have many people spending more time outside. But you can forget an important step to truly enjoy this precious time outside—protecting your skin from the sun. Practicing healthy sun exposure can keep your skin happy, and is a habit that will serve you well into the future. Sunburns lead to […]

Growing Health in the Garden

Exercising and eating right are said to go hand-in-hand, but when you work in a garden, they actually do. Gardening is one way to maintain your health and enjoy time outside. It’s a great way to keep fruits and vegetables in your diet, and get some exercise. Growing your own food is also healthy and […]

Vitamin D and Cognitive Function in Adolescents

Recent research points to the potential benefits of vitamin D supplementation on executive function in adolescents. Adolescence is a critical period for brain development and reorganization of many regulatory systems, like the body’s hormonal system. These kinds of developmental changes contribute to a teen’s working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control. It is imperative to protect […]