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Slower Eating Helps You Eat Less and Lose Weight

Everything is fast. Now life needs to be 5G, supercharged, and express. But your meals shouldn’t be a sprint. In fact, slower eating might actually crank up your weight-management efforts. Try to think about the last time it took you 20 minutes or more to eat a meal. If it wasn’t recently, you may be […]

8 Questions to Help You Pick the Best Beverage

When you’re thirsty, it’s hard to think about anything but an ice-cold drink. But that tempting soda or lemonade might not be the best choice. Added sugar and empty calories lurk in sweetened drinks. You need a beverage that’s refreshing and good for your body. Staying hydrated is key to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why […]

The Skinny on Diets for Weight Loss

Dieting to lose weight has become a regular pastime for many adults. But, how is that working out? Not great. Studies show that within five years, 60 percent of dieters regain more weight than they lost on their diets. If no diet seems to work well over time—according to the research—why are there so many? […]

Food Addiction: How Do You Combat Those Cravings?

A whiff of something enticing hits you and you immediately wonder what it is. You have to identify the smell. Before you know it, the scent has started a tango between your brain and your stomach. When you finally walk by a burger joint, pastry shop, or a place serving one of your favorites, it’s hard […]

The Gut-Brain Axis: Connecting Your Brain and Microbiome

The brain is often talked about as the master of the body. It sends messages along the information superhighway of the central nervous system. This turns electric impulses and thoughts into action and behavior. The brain is like the Wizard of Oz: it’s the ring leader behind the curtain, directing the cognitive processes and movements […]

How to Practice Gratitude and Improve Your Health

It’s often easy to practice gratitude when you’re on the receiving end of life’s greater fortunes. It could be the birth of a healthy baby, getting a promotion at work, or celebrating good health, or winning a major award. It can be trickier to feel grateful during times of hardship or the doldrums of everyday […]

Search for the Real Chill Pill: Nutrients and Mood

Hanger (a combination of hunger and anger) is a very real emotional response for some. It rears its ugly head when you’re hungry and food isn’t forthcoming. If you’ve ever experienced hanger, you know the power food has over your mood. But the impact eating has on your attitude is about more than keeping your […]