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What is the Lymphatic System?

Here’s a riddle for you: I’m small, but I’m everywhere. I circulate, but I’m not the circulatory system. I’m not a nobody (or an antibody), and I’m certainly not immune to playing defense against invaders. If you think I don’t filter, you gotta be kidney-ing me. What am I? … The lymphatic system. The headline […]

Fruits vs Vegetables: Can You Tell Which is Which?

In the battle for plant supremacy—fruits vs vegetables—you always win. Filling up on plants is a big part of a healthy diet. They’re full of healthy phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. And you get a lot of nutritional bang for your caloric buck. That’s why you’re supposed to get at least two to three cups (455-680 […]

6 Tips for Reading Nutrition Facts Labels

You don’t have to memorize the nutrient content of all your foods. You can thank nutrition facts labels for that. It isn’t necessary to recall the sodium content of your breakfast cereal off the top of your head every time you shop. But getting the most information from reading nutrition facts labels can be tough, […]

Good TV Might be Bad for Your Weight

Television transports you to foreign lands, fantasy worlds, or into pulse-pounding car chases. But getting sucked into the action may hurt your weight-management efforts. That’s because TV watching and weight gain have some interesting connections. One study found that two or more hours of television a day ties to high body mass indexes (BMI)—adding fat—in […]

Food for Thought—Nutrients for Brain Health

Your brain is powerful. You can even use it to think about how the brain itself works. Crazy, right? But this power doesn’t make your brain immune to factors that impact the rest of your body. Lifestyle and environment can affect your brain health. Luckily, there are nutrients for brain health shown to support cognitive […]

Defining Microbiome: Meet Your Bacterial Buddies

You’re never alone. Your body is always crawling with trillions of microbial friends. That’s not a bad thing. All of them make up your microbiome—a word you hear a lot, but might not completely understand. Defining microbiome is actually pretty simple. It’s the collection of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses mentioned above. But don’t let […]

Your Nutritional Insurance Plan Against Deficiencies

You’ve heard it before: you can get all the nutrients you need from the food you eat. Well, maybe you can. It’s certainly possible. But it’s unlikely. We all know that vitamin supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet. But nobody is a perfectly healthy eater. It’s hard to get everything you need if […]

In Kids’ Height, The Type of Milk Matters

Children require optimal nutrition during growth years to maximize their growth potential. Protein needs are significantly higher per pound of body weight for children compared to adults. Adequate protein is essential for maintaining protein stores and keeping many bodily functions performing efficiently. It’s also needed for developing and growing: the brain immune system muscles collagen […]

The Immune System: Your Body’s Guards

Your immune system is in a battle every day. That’s its job. You’re protected by a coordinated defense. Cells, proteins, and chemical signals join forces against bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens. And your immune system also helps in wound healing, cellular and tissue turnover, and repair. A healthy, functional immune system is a complex […]