Olivol® Botanical Blend

USANA® has patented an olive-oil-extraction process that isolates the moisturizing components of olive oil. This process creates a potent compound called Olivol® olive-fruit extract. Olivol safely and gently hydrates your skin. It also helps support your body’s natural skin-repair process to give your skin a more youthful glow.

For centuries, olive oil and its extracts (like Olivol) have been used as moisturizers. Olivol gently moisturizes and does not irritate skin. The potent moisturizers in Olivol are similar to the natural oils produced by the skin. This allows Olivol to mimic the oils of your skin and help keep your skin feeling naturally moisturized.

Olivol can also act as a free-radical scavenger. Free-radicals are toxic compounds that can cause cellular damage to DNA and proteins. Olivol can neutralize these dangerous compounds to help your skin stay looking its best.

Olivol is only the first ingredient in USANA’s Olivol Botanical Blend. Watermelon, apple, and lentil-fruit extract are also key components of this nutrient-rich formulation. This blend has been clinically shown to increases the moisture level of the skin for up to 24 hours after just one application.

Environmental pollutants, dry air, and heat exposure, can cause your skin to become red and mildly irritated. The fruit extracts in the Olivol Botanical Blend can help rehydrate skin to restore glow and provide moist and healthy looking skin.

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Hydrating Eye Essence

celavive Hydrating Eye Essence

With aging comes wrinkles. However, wrinkles don’t have to appear there forever. USANA® Celavive™ Hydrating Eye Essence helps by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. Crow’s feet and dark circles can be visibly diminished with consistent use.

The ingredients in Hydrating Eye Essence help keep moisture locked into the skin’s cellular matrix. This moisturizing eye treatment preserves the skin’s youthful and healthy appearance.

Vitalizing Serum

celavive Vitalizing Serum

Want to firm, tone, and reinvigorate skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pores? Treat your skin to rejuvenation with USANA® Celavive™Vitalizing Serum. This age-defying and youth-preserving serum uses a powerful formulation of peptides and botanicals to help achieve smooth and flawless looking skin.

Creamy Foam Cleanser

celavive Creamy Foam Cleanser

Treat your skin to sensational hydration and cleansing with USANA® Celavive™ Creamy Foam Cleanser—formulated specifically for combination skin types. It can be tricky to hydrate, cleanse, and keep skin looking clear at the same time, but your skin can have it all with Celavive Creamy Foam Cleanser.

The cleanser is designed with natural ingredients essential to enhancing your innate beauty. A special combination of sugars and salt harness moisture from within your skin to reveal a supple, well-hydrated appearance. At the same time, soapberry extract acts as a gentle cleanser.

USANA’s Olivol® Botanical Blend, a combination of natural extracts, provides skin with a deep, rich conditioning and restores a healthy balance of hydration and tone. Refreshed, younger-looking skin is full of moisture and prepared to fight oxidative stress all day long. Continue your cleansing routine with Celavive™ Perfecting Toner and Protecting Day Lotion to defend beautiful skin.

Gentle Milk Cleanser

Dry and sensitive skin can be hard to care for. Many cleansers dry it out, and a lot of moisturizers leave it too oily.

USANA® Celavive™ Gentle Milk Cleanser solves this dilemma by gently cleansing and moisturizing skin. Gentle Milk Cleanser’s active ingredients gently remove excess sebum and dirt, and help strengthen the barrier proteins of the epidermis to sustain healthy, hydrated, and beautiful skin. Gentle Milk Cleanser goes beyond just cleansing skin. It protects and defends skin from environmental damage. This promotes healthy moisture retention and helps cleanse toxins and impurities. Relieve your sensitive skin from harsh chemicals and greasy lotions with Celavive Gentle Milk Cleanser.

Conditioning Makeup Remover

celavive Conditioning Makeup Remover

USANA® Celavive™ Conditioning Makeup Remover lifts stubborn makeup from the skin while conditioning with sugar-based moisturizers. When makeup is not removed from the skin, pores can get clogged and the skin can become dry and irritated. This makeup remover pulls cosmetics from the pores and skin surface, to help keep the skin clean. It also moisturizes and prepares skin for cleansing with other Celavive skincare products.

Perfecting Toner

celavive Perfecting Toner

No skincare regimen is complete without a toner step. Toners close pores that have been cleansed of impurities, and smooth the appearance of your skin to uncover your youthful glow.

Celavive™ Perfecting Toner uses numerous natural plant extracts to keep skin clean and pure. These plant extracts include sakura cherry blossom extract, a unique plant-based seven botanical blend, and Olivol® Botanical Blend, a blend of botanical oils. This toner prepares skin for hydration with hot spring mineral water. Working together, these key components enable your skin to get clean, stay clean, and hydrate well in preparation for the next step.

Protective Day Cream & Protective Day Lotion

celavive protective day cream

Protective Day Cream

Successfully finish preparing for the day by applying USANA® Celavive™ Protective Day Cream to freshly cleaned and toned skin. This formula provides ample hydration while shielding skin from the sun. Protective Day Cream is designed specifically for individuals with dry and sensitive skin. It leaves skin with a lightweight layer of moisture without feeling greasy. This day cream also boasts a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 and PA++ to give skin plenty of protection from UV rays during the day.

Protective Day Lotion

For oily skin types, look to USANA® Celavive Protective Day Lotion for day-long moisturization and protection from the sun. Protective Day Lotion is SPF 30 and PA++ to give your delicate facial skin a much-needed break from the sun’s damaging rays. This lotion is water based and very gentle on your skin. It’s formulated with basil extract, shea butter, and USANA’s Olivol® Botanical Blend. The lotion goes on the skin in thin layers and thoroughly moisturizes skin without adding grease or oil.

Replenishing Night Cream & Replenishing Night Gel

celavive Replenishing Night Cream & Replenishing Night Gel

Replenishing Night Cream

USANA® Celavive™ Replenishing Night Cream is formulated specifically for the intense hydration of sensitive, combination, and dry skin types. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced after use, and over time, skin’s texture looks smooth and radiant. Calling upon ancient skincare practices, Replenishing Night Cream uses pearl powder to enhance skin luminosity.

Replenishing Night Gel

Oily skin is frustrating to hydrate. Often, topical creams and moisturizers leave skin greasy and shiny. Celavive Replenishing Night Gel is formulated with oily skin in mind, providing the best overnight hydration for oily skin. This gel contains unique and standard ingredients to hydrate skin. It provides moisture without excess oil. Some of the many benefits boasted by this night gel include the reduction of wrinkle visibility, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and rough skin.

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