USANA Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars: Unwrap a Snack That Works as Hard as You

Snacks can make or break your health-friendly eating routine, especially if you have a demanding schedule. You need a snack that will enhance your diet with quality nutrition instead of leaving you reeling after a short-lived sugar rush.

That’s why USANA Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars are designed to equip even the busiest adults with the nutritional support needed to meet individual health, beauty, and fitness goals. Your life is full of responsibilities and activities. It’s important that your nutritional habits don’t take a backseat to the tasks you need to complete during the day.

Take control of your snacking by unwrapping a Collagen Protein Bar. These protein-packed powerhouses are Active Nutrition’s answer for providing clean, sustainable energy when you need it most. And you won’t have to worry about sugar crashes. With a Collagen Protein Bar, you can refuel without fear of a slump later.

Fueling yourself smartly between meals is just the beginning. There’s a lot more to love about USANA Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars.

  • They provide both fiber and protein (7 grams of fiber or more and 15 grams of protein per serving).
  • They support healthy weight with balanced macronutrients and a manageable calorie count per serving.
  • They help maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails.
  • They support normal muscle synthesis and recovery.

Throw a bar in your backpack, purse, or glove box so this nutritious snack option is always within reach. Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars are packed with the energy-sustaining protein and fiber you need to bust through your to-tackle list. And they’re a snack that will help keep you on the road to achieving your wellness goals—no matter whether it’s weight management, supporting your skincare regimen, or maintaining healthy muscles.

Stay Focused and Alert with the Help of USANA Collagen Protein Bars

It’s hard to avoid a sleepy afternoon slump—especially when your fuel for the day isn’t optimized for sustained energy. You can beat the 3 p.m. malaise and power through the second half of your day when your snack of choice supports healthy energy.

So take a snack break with USANA Collagen Protein Bars—then get up, get moving, and conquer your to-do list.

These snack bars are well-suited for your afternoon pick-me-up. That means you’ll feel a sustained release of energy after snacking.

Productivity is difficult to manage when you’re feeling tired. You need a quick snack that’s built with hard-working, task-oriented adults in mind. But you’ll be one step closer to completing your long list of tasks and appointments when you power your afternoons (or mornings) with a USANA Collagen Protein Bar.

USANA Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars are Macronutrient Bargains

When health-friendly eating is on your mind, you want to ensure every bite of food is working well for your body and your goals. Empty calories are easy to acquire, but provide little in the way of nutrition. So it’s important that your food choices are nutrient dense and calorie smart. These kinds of foods keep you moving toward your health and fitness goals.

Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars do just that. They’re quite literally packed with protein—15 grams to be exact. These delicious bars also boast 7 grams of fiber or more to support your digestion and overall wellness. But with less than 170 total calories per bar, you can easily fit these bars into your daily calorie budget.

Other snack bars skimp on the protein and opt for added sugar instead. Not the case with Collagen Protein Bars. Only 6 grams of sugar or less are added to the bars, keeping your daily added sugar intake to a minimum, while maximizing flavor. Since Collagen Protein Bars provide a completely delicious and nutritious snack—without excessive sugar—you can indulge while staying true to your fitness goals.

Collagen Protein Supports Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

Collagen is popular because there are so many reasons to recommend it—including several beauty-based benefits. Your connective tissue (especially skin) relies on collagen for elasticity and bounce—that’s how it supports healthy skin. Collagen also helps maintain healthy hair and nails. With its wide-ranging impacts, it’s no surprise collagen is one of the body’s most abundant proteins.

Think of USANA Collagen Protein Bars as dietary helpers for your skincare regimen. The collagen in these bars can help optimize your skin’s stores of this indispensable protein—showing that beauty really does come from within.

Collagen proteins can also help support beautifully healthy and strong hair and nails. You work so hard to take care of your body with a health-friendly diet and exercise, so let that healthy beauty shine through in your hair and nails, too.

Since collagen is flexible, durable, and tough, it’s everything healthy skin, hair, and nails need. Using USANA Collagen Protein Bars to supply this important protein can help your skin, hair, and nails look and feel strong. And that can help you look in the mirror and see your health radiated back at you.

Optimize Muscle Build and Recovery with Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars

You read the word “protein” and your mind leaps to muscles. The two are connected for a very good biological reason—muscles are simply strands and bundles of connected proteins.

When you open an Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bar, you’re unwrapping 10 grams of excellent plant protein and 5 grams of high-quality collagen. That’s the kind of high-protein snack that helps your body optimize healthy muscle creation and maintenance.

And you don’t have to be a body builder to need support for healthy muscle synthesis and recovery. Everyone from weekend warriors to weeknight strollers can use USANA Collagen Protein Bars to help fuel and maintain the muscles that keep your active lifestyle in motion.

Bite into the Many Benefits of USANA Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars

Nobody’s schedule of daily tasks and activities is exactly the same. Neither are their goals. But USANA Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bars are formulated to provide a bevy of benefits to support you through your day and forward on your health journey.

A USANA Collagen Protein Bar can help provide the sustained energy you need to push through a sluggish, sleepy afternoon. You’ll also enjoy a tasty treat packed with fiber and high-quality protein without busting your daily calorie count. And the power of collagen helps you support healthy skin, hair, nails, and muscles at the same time.

That’s a lot for one snack to accomplish. But your USANA Active Nutrition Collagen Protein Bar is built to work as hard as you do.

Nutrition Facts – Decadent Vanilla Collagen Protein Bar

Nutrition Facts – Coconut Craze Collagen Protein Bar

A: Five of the 15 grams of protein in USANA Collagen Protein Bars come from hydrolyzed bovine collagen. The remaining 10 grams are sourced from high-quality, plant-based proteins (soy, brown rice, and carob).

A: No. Since a portion of each bar’s protein comes from bovine sources, it is neither vegan nor vegetarian.

A: Yes.

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