Revealing Your Favorite Stories of 2018

It was a record-breaking year on Thanks so much for making it happen. To celebrate a great year, take a scroll through the top 10 stories of 2018. They’re the most popular health-and-nutrition stories of the year. That also includes three Facebook fan picks (denoted with an *). Share your favorite stories of 2018 and get ready for more high-quality science and health information coming in 2019.

1. Skin Type Quiz: 7 Questions To Identify Your Type

Find your skin type to start a successful skincare routine.

2. From A To K: Your Complete Vitamin Guide

Everything you need to know about the 13 essential vitamins.

3. Does Fish Oil Dissolve Styrofoam?

Answer your questions about fish oil and Styrofoam.

4. What Is The Best Time Of Day To Take Supplements And Vitamins?

See how you should schedule your supplements.

5. What You Put In Your Mouth Matters*

More evidence supporting long-term healthy eating.

6. The Worst Foods For Your Waistline

Discover the six foods that can sink your weight-management efforts.

7. Liver Detoxification Pathways

Take a look at the ways your liver does detox.

8. Know Your Nutrients*

Your comprehensive guide to nutrients from macro to micro.

9. Achieve Your Goals With This Weight Management Checklist

Check off items on your way to weight-management success.

10. The Skinny On Diets For Weight Loss*

Decide on the diet type that works for you.