Am I going to feel different taking the CellSentials?

Before launching the CellSentials, USANA conducted a premarketing evaluation recruiting several physicians located throughout the United States and Canada who use USANA products in their practice. These physicians put some of their healthy patients on this new product and monitored them for four weeks. A total of 127 volunteers were recruited to participate and 96 finished the 4-week evaluation. Each volunteer completed a scientifically/clinically validated Quality of Life Survey (SF-36®) before and after taking the CellSentials for 4 weeks. The SF-36® scales measure components of physical and mental health. The volunteers were also monitored for adverse effects. At the end of the four week evaluation, there were statistically significant improvements observed in 7 of the 8 areas evaluated through the SF-36® Quality of Life Survey. These 7 areas include:

  • General health: quantifies an individual’s personal health (e.g., poor and likely to get worse versus excellent with little room for improvement)
  • Vitality: measures of whether one feels tired and worn out or is full of pep and energy
  • Role-physical: measures problems one may encounter with work or other daily activities as a result of physical health
  • Bodily pain: measures the influence of bodily pain on physical function
  • Social functioning: the extent to which physical and emotional problems interfere with normal social activities
  • Role-emotional: the extent to which emotional problems interfere with work or other daily activities
  • Mental health: quantifies feelings associated with mental health, such as nervousness, depression, calmness, and happiness

There was also an upward trend observed in the 8th area –Physical Function—the ability to complete routine daily tasks, such as bathing or dressing—but the change was not statistically significant.

Overall, the SF-36® data provide considerable evidence that participants in this evaluation perceived an improvement in both their mental and physical health as a consequence of consuming the CellSentials.

An additional four-week trial conducted at Sanoviv Medical Institute noted improvements in vitamin D status, iron status and select heart health related markers.

Based on the results of this evaluation, we anticipate that there are many nutrition-related benefits that new consumers, as well as current consumers, can expect to experience and the lack of any significant adverse events demonstrates that the new CellSentials are generally safe and well-tolerated in healthy people.

More on the SF-36® Survey: Since its inception in 1990, use of this survey has been documented in more than 4000 publications. As such, it is one of the most widely used quality of life surveys in modern research. Notably, quality-of life surveys are increasingly recognized an as important instrument in clinical research as they provide information concerning the health and well-being of subjects participating in research studies.

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