USANA® Digestive Enzyme

Discover How to Calm Your Belly with USANA® Digestive Enzyme

USANA® Digestive Enzyme

Get the most out of your meals and relieve digestive discomfort with a blend of plant-based enzymes and artichoke extract.

It’s been said that “all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” (by American journalist John Gunther). And while there’s certainly truth to the fact that a good meal is one of the great joys of life, that joy can turn to sadness if your meal ends with you feeling uncomfortable. Help keep your belly happy and your body nourished with USANA Digestive Enzyme.*

Take the supplement with meals to get a broad range of plant-based enzymes plus artichoke extract, which offer two key benefits for your daily well-being:

  • Helps you digest your meals more efficiently to support absorption of macronutrients (fats, protein, carbohydrates)*
  • Relieves fullness, bloating, or other occasional issues associated with digestion after a large meal*

Your overall health and energy depend on nourishing all of your cells. USANA Digestive Enzyme helps naturally support normal, healthy digestion, so you can get the most nutrition out of your meals. And, it can help calm occasional belly blues you may have after eating. So, you’ll be less likely to experience mild—but potentially embarrassing and uncomfortable—gas or bloating and can simply savor all life has to offer.*


Digest the Role of Enzymes in Your Health

From the moment you see, smell, or taste food, your mouth starts to water and your body’s complex digestive process begins. After chewing and swallowing, food travels through your stomach, intestines, and on down the line. It’s broken down into the many substances your body needs to support your health and fuel your daily activities along the way.

Your digestive enzymes are one part of the digestive process. They’re substances that help break down and convert your food into the compounds your cells are hungry for. Your body naturally produces enzymes throughout the digestive process—including in your saliva, pancreas, and liver—that help break the large molecules of fat, protein, and carbohydrates into smaller pieces.

When you have normal, healthy enzyme function, your body digests meals efficiently, so macronutrients can be absorbed and used by your body. It makes sense, because if your food is broken down fully, you’ll be more likely to get the most nutrition from what you eat.

Your natural digestive enzyme production can slow down as you age. This could cause you to experience occasional episodes of mild bloating, gas, or discomfort after eating certain foods or large meals.

A varied, healthy diet may provide some enzymes to supplement those naturally made by your body. Fruits like raw bananas, mangoes, papaya, and pineapple supply enzymes. So do fermented foods like kefir or sauerkraut. A plant-based supplement can also help bridge any enzyme gaps to provide additional digestive support.*

Plant-based digestive enzymes primarily help support a healthy digestive system by lightening the load on your pancreatic and liver enzymes by helping to “pre-digest” your food. They work along with stomach acid to begin breaking down your meal before the food moves on to your intestines, where your natural pancreatic enzymes take over. Some of the plant-based enzymes may remain active beyond the stomach to support digestion throughout the process.*


The Belly Benefits of USANA Digestive Enzyme

Make USANA Digestive Enzyme a part of every meal to bolster your body’s natural enzymes and promote optimal digestive efficiency. The Natural Enzyme Blend supplies a wide range of plant-based enzymes that support normal, healthy digestion and absorption of the different types of macronutrients*:

  • Amylase: breaks down starch
  • Bromelain: breaks down protein
  • Cellulase: breaks down cellulose (usually comes from plant material like fruits and vegetables)
  • Lactase: breaks down lactose (milk proteins)
  • Lipase: breaks down fat
  • Papain: breaks down protein
  • Protease: breaks down protein

USANA Digestive Enzyme also offers an extra boost of support for healthy digestion with artichoke extract (Cynara scolymus L.). The active phytonutrient from artichoke leaves has been shown to help relieve digestive complaints, like mild stomach upset, by aiding the digestion of fatty foods, especially after a large meal.*


Gut Check: Do You Need USANA Digestive Enzyme?

Your enzyme balance is unique to you. And chances are good that you already know if your digestion could use support every day. Your gut isn’t subtle when it’s unhappy. If you find yourself uncomfortable after consuming lactose, protein, fat—any type of macronutrient—Digestive Enzyme has an enzyme in it that may help.*

And even if you rarely have a rumbly tummy, you might want to keep some Digestive Enzyme on hand. There are a couple of occasions during which you may find yourself in need of a little enzyme assistance*:

  • Making a dietary change. Long-term dietary habits can impact your natural ratio of different pancreatic enzymes. So, a supplement may be useful if you make a sudden change to your diet. For instance, if you dramatically increase the amount of plant-based foods and fiber you eat, digestive enzymes may help alleviate any temporary discomfort that results from the change. This makes Digestive Enzyme a nice complement to the USANA 5-Day RESET™, which supplies more fiber than your system might be used to.**
  • You’re going to stuff yourself. Let’s be honest, sometimes you just know you’re going to overindulge. And too much of a good thing might be a lot for your natural pancreatic enzymes to handle efficiently. So, a supplement can help give your natural enzymes a little assistance to help reduce the uncomfortable side effects of digesting a big meal. This may help you feel lighter (and keep your belly a little flatter) as your feast digests.*

Remember: enzymes are only one part of the digestive process. USANA Digestive Enzyme will help support efficient digestion and a calm, comfortable belly. And the bacteria in your belly also play a role in supporting healthy digestion. So, for even more comprehensive digestive support, considering adding USANA Probiotic, too.*


Key Ingredients

  • Natural Enzyme Blend
  • Artichoke Extract
  • Contains no animal-derived ingredients.

See full list of ingredients.


Take one (1) to three (3) tablets with a meal, or as needed.

Ideal For

  • Adults 18+ who want digestive support

Frequently Asked Questions About Digestive Enzyme

The natural flavor in USANA Digestive Enzyme is vanilla. It is also used in a couple other products to mask unpleasant flavors of the raw materials. There is nothing hidden in the vanilla flavor, and it does not contain MSG or any ingredient of concern.

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