Booster C 600™

USANA® Booster C™

USANA Booster C 600 is a delectable, lemon-berry flavored powder that supplies a powerful blend of ingredients shown to support immune defense.

The Benefits of Booster C 600

Deficiencies in vitamin C or zinc, which are needed for the normal development and function of many white blood cells, may make individuals more susceptible to impaired immune response. Healthy adults generally need at least 75 to 90 mg of vitamin C and 8 to 11 mg of zinc per day to avoid deficiency.*

In addition to delivering 10 mg of zinc, Booster C 600 is a potent source of vitamin C. An essential, water- soluble nutrient that our body cannot produce on its own, vitamin C must be obtained from the diet. It supports white blood cell production and is maintained in cells to protect against oxidative stress, which is important for maintaining cellular integrity and proper function. Vitamin C also helps prolong the activity of vitamin E, which is another nutrient important for healthy immunity. Booster C 600 includes a unique combination of ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, and USANA’s proprietary Poly C®, which has been shown to provide higher and longer-lasting levels of vitamin C in the blood than ascorbic acid itself.*

The Science of Booster C 600

People have used the herb Echinacea throughout history to support the immune system. Several laboratory and animal studies suggest that Echinacea contains active substances that enhance the activity of the immune system, including polysaccharides, glycoproteins, alkamides, volatile oils, and flavonoids. With short-term use, Echinacea purpurea extract has been shown to naturally support a healthy immune system. It is recommended that Echinacea only be used for short periods, generally two weeks or less. Elderberry is another herb long used for its beneficial effect on the immune system. Elderberries contain more anthocyanins—a type of flavonoid—than blueberries. As antioxidants, anthocyanins help protect healthy cells and support the production of cytokines to regulate immune responses.*

The USANA Difference

Many immune health products contain vitamin C, but only Booster C 600 contains USANA’s proprietary Poly C vitamin C blend to deliver stronger, longer-acting antioxidant defense. Blended with a high quality, effective form of Echinacea, plus zinc and elderberry, Booster C 600 provides a perfect, portable solution for giving your immune system a little added support.*


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