Shelf Life and Expiration Dates

Even though our nutritional supplements contain expiration dates, unlike like perishable foods like milk or meat, they don’t really spoil or go “bad” in the same way. When discussing the shelf life of the supplement, it is really the potency that is the primary concern, not ingredient spoiling or becoming toxic. It isn’t dangerous to take expired vitamins, but they may have lost some potency.

The expiration date represents the last day the item will be at its highest level of potency and quality. In other words, up until that date the product is guaranteed to contain its labeled ingredient potencies and the tablet itself is guaranteed to disintegrate properly. Beyond the expiration date, nutrient potency may gradually decline. As such, we recommend consuming products before the printed expiration date.

Storing USANA Products

Some vitamins are very sensitive to the elements, while others (ie. minerals) will remain potent almost indefinitely. We recommend storing supplements below 25 degrees Celsius (room temperature), and away from light and heat. Refrigeration may also help increase the shelf life of supplements. Storing your supplements properly ensures that your supplements will remain fully potent and of guaranteed quality for entire labeled shelf life.

Where Can I Find USANA Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates?

Lot numbers and expiration dates are printed on the bottom of the USANA supplement bottles. The expiration date on the USANA products listed with six digits is in the form DDMMYY (Day, Month, Year).

Supplement Shelf Life

USANA supplements have a two-year shelf life. The following are exceptions:

  • PhytoEstrin and Palmetto Plus: 12 months
  • OptOmega: 1 year unopened, 3 months opened (must be refrigerated)
  • USANA Probiotic: 18 months
  • MyHealthpak: 4 months

USANA Foods Shelf Life

  • MySmartShakes and Boosters: 18 months
  • MySmartBars: 12 months
  • Rev3 can: 12 months
  • Rev3 Surge Pack: 24 months

Sensé Shelf Life

The Daytime Protective Emulsion has a shelf life of one year, all other Sensé products have a shelf life of two years.

MyHealthPak Shelf Life

Because MyHealthPaks are comprised of many different tablet types – in thousands of potential configurations – the expiration dates are necessarily shorter than those of USANA’s other Nutritionals. We continue to investigate ways to increase the shelf life of MyHealthPak packets.  If shelf-life is of particular concern to an individual, please note that the regular HealthPak has a two-year shelf life.

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