USANA Mineral Calm—Sleep for All

Bedtime Just Got an Upgrade with USANA Mineral Calm

Sleep quality often suffers in adulthood. Why? You could have a lot on your mind. You might not feel relaxed. Or maybe you can’t shake the feeling of fidgeting legs. You aren’t alone. Adults all around the world struggle to get the restful sleep their body’s need. But adding USANA Mineral Calm to your bedtime routine could help turn those sometimes restless nights into restful ones.*

USANA Mineral Calm is an excellent source of magnesium—an important sleep-supporting mineral. And it works two ways, helping to maintain the calm you need in your body and mind for optimal sleep.*

Here are some of the specific ways Mineral Calm supports healthy sleep:*

  • Encourages healthy muscle relaxation*
  • Offers neurotransmitter support*
  • Quiets nerves*
  • Soothes cramps*
  • Supports healthy state of mind*

Considering all the sleep-promoting qualities of magnesium, you might be yawning already picturing the kind of restful sleep magnesium can help you achieve. But combining the power of magnesium with lifestyle habits is key to achieving optimal sleep. Many avenues can help steer you towards healthy sleep. You might already be familiar with:*

  • Regular bedtime
  • Daily exercise
  • Meditation
  • Removing distractions (like smart phones, laptops, and television)

USANA Mineral Calm fits into your bedtime routine seamlessly and has the power to support optimal sleep so you can start simply supporting healthy, restful sleep.*

Building a Science-Backed Formula for Optimized Sleep Around Magnesium

The answer to maintaining high-quality sleep lies in a mix of healthy lifestyle habits and nutrition. The nutrition portion, specifically, involves your daily supply of the essential, multitasking mineral—magnesium.*

Research suggests strong ties between magnesium and sleep. Understanding how magnesium supports healthy sleep can open the door for restful nights ahead.*

Magnesium and Muscles

Supplementing your diet with magnesium can help tight muscles feel calm. And for the nights you need help to relax the magnesium in Mineral Calm could be just the thing to support more restful sleep.*

Muscle tension doesn’t occur only at night. Active adults and athletes may find that cramps and tight muscles interfere with their exercise. Because magnesium promotes healthy muscle function, Mineral Calm can support healthy muscle recovery after exercise. Taken before or after a workout, Mineral Calm helps maintain healthy muscles so you can avoid discomfort later on.*

Magnesium maintains calm muscles because it has an important role in muscle contraction. Your muscles rely on calcium and magnesium to contract and relax. Calcium binds to proteins in muscle fibers during contraction. When the movement is over, magnesium blocks the calcium binding sites, leading to muscle relaxation.*

Without magnesium to step in between calcium and muscle fibers, your body would be in a constant state of contraction. And if your stores of magnesium are low, cramps, jitters, and muscle spasms can follow.

Help support a healthy, relaxed state before bedtime with magnesium. A multitasking mineral with benefits that support bone and muscle health. Sometimes all that stands between you and a good night’s rest is muscle tension. Rest your muscles and maintain calm with the magnesium found in Mineral Calm.*

Magnesium and the Brain

It’s not just muscle health that magnesium can optimize. Researchers are beginning to establish a relationship between magnesium levels and healthy mood.*

If anxious thought or muscle tension isn’t what’s keeping you awake at night, chances are you have a hard time feeling tired enough to fall asleep. Neurotransmitters in your brain are in charge of communicating “bedtime” signals to the rest of your body. Magnesium works right alongside these neurotransmitters to prepare you for bed.*

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is one such neurotransmitter. GABA quiets your brain and body by turning off wakefulness and quieting nerve activity. Magnesium binds to GABA to help this process along.*

Melatonin is another neurotransmitter that relies on magnesium. The “sleep hormone” melatonin triggers drowsiness as your eyes are exposed to increasing darkness (think of sunset or dim lighting). Melatonin promotes sleepiness and needs magnesium to do its job optimally.*

Magnesium regulates the amount melatonin secreted in your brain. Healthy levels of magnesium optimize melatonin production—encouraging sleepiness to come on naturally.*

Learn More About Other Snooze-Supporting Mineral Calm Ingredient

Magnesium isn’t the only ingredient in Mineral Calm that makes bedtime a breeze. The formula includes other fragrant and functional ingredients. Check them out below.


Bananas first come to mind whenever you mention potassium. If you’ve ever felt tight or sore after exercise, you may have even eaten one to soothe your muscles. That’s because bananas are full of potassium—a mineral that also works in muscle fibers.*

Potassium supports your body’s ability to maintain optimal pH in your muscles. Too acidic or basic of an environment and your muscles begin to lose their power. You can feel fatigued and sore. Potassium keeps the fluids and tissues surrounding the muscles at a comfortable pH. That way they stay strong and work well for you.

Older adults especially need potassium to maintain their muscles and bones because they weaken with age. When the pH of muscle fibers shifts from alkaline to acidic, muscle loss can occur.*

So, it’s important to maintain healthy levels of potassium in your body for overall health. Mineral Calm supports the potassium your muscles need. Making recovery after exercise more comfortable and preserving your muscle health.*

Natural Lemon-Ginger Flavors

Scent plays an important part in relaxation. Picture your favorite candle, soap, or fragrance. Your sense of smell is directly connected with your brain to conjure up powerful memories—especially soothing ones.*

The Mineral Calm formula takes this scent-brain connection into account. Including natural lemon-ginger flavors in the Mineral Calm beverage enhances the experience is with a calming aroma and taste. Both pleasant and palatable, lemon-ginger is a comforting, soothing flavor.*

Turn Restless into Restful with USANA Mineral Calm

Don’t snooze on an opportunity to support restful sleep. Work Mineral Calm (and other sleep-optimizing practices) into your bedtime routine.*

Evenings should feel calm and tranquil, not a source of restlessness and uneasiness. Take charge of your slumber with a ritual that winds you down before bed. Here are some ideas to pair with USANA Mineral Calm to maintain your best sleep:*

  • Journal (try a gratitude journal)
  • Yoga or other low impact stretching
  • Meditation
  • Self-care in the form of skincare
  • Turn the TV (and your phone) off an hour before bed
  • Read a good book
  • Prepare for tomorrow (make your lunch, set out your clothes, find your keys, etc.)

Close your eyes and know you’ve empowered yourself with all you need to support spectacular sleep.*

Key Ingredients

  • Magnesium carbonate

See full list of ingredients


Adults dissolve one rounded teaspoon of Mineral Calm powder (approx. 5 grams) to a small amount of warm water and allow to effervesce. Add additional warm water until desired flavor intensity is reached.

This product is intended to be served warm, as part of a healthy evening routine, approximately 30-45 minutes before bedtime. Additionally, Mineral Calm can be enjoyed before or after exercise to support healthy muscle relaxation. Or as desired to help support calming processes that fight feelings of occasional stress and anxiousness.*

Ideal For

  • Adults with difficulty relaxing before bed
  • Athletes
  • Individuals experiencing feelings of occasional stress or anxiousness
  • Anyone interested in forming healthy bedtime habits

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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