Pump Up Your Health with USANA Iron

Endurance athletes, weekend warriors, and expectant mothers all rely on iron to drive their bodies through the day. Iron is an important mineral in your diet, and iron supplementation benefits your whole body. That’s because it plays a leading role in the health of your blood and energy production. With USANA Iron, you can maintain your energy and stamina through the tasks you have to complete and the fun activities you enjoy.*

Here’s how you can optimize your health with the help of iron:*

  • Support healthy blood oxygen levels*
  • Maintain energy production in cells*
  • Provide nutritional support for a healthy pregnancy*

Iron is a multi-faceted power mineral. You can find iron all around you. The steel bridge you drive across and the cast-iron pan you cook with are all rooted in this super-strength mineral. See how USANA Iron can strengthen and support your health—and learn the ways iron works in your body.

Blood Oxygen and Iron

Triathletes and endurance-sports enthusiasts know the power of iron. Long periods of intense exercise require lots of oxygen to maintain peak performance. Iron ensures that oxygen is readily available throughout your body. This works because iron acts as an oxygen carrier in the blood.

Iron is so important to blood that you can literally see its impact. That bright-red blood coursing through your body is red for a reason. It’s iron that gives your blood that crimson color. But iron’s role in your blood isn’t just cosmetic.

Your blood is full of a specialized protein called hemoglobin. In fact, about 96% of the dry weight of a red blood cell is hemoglobin. Oxygen can bind to this protein and travel in the blood.

Hemoglobin proteins are built with four iron ions. Each one can bind to an oxygen molecule. So a single hemoglobin protein can carry four oxygen molecules.

Hitching a ride on a hemoglobin protein is how oxygen travels from your lungs to the rest of your body. As you pump your legs down a bike path or sprint toward the finish line, hemoglobin is there to take oxygen where it’s needed most.

USANA Iron can help maintain the iron stores in your red blood cells. By creating many available oxygen-binding opportunities, iron can help optimize your blood oxygen content. So you can take on the next triathlon—or conquer your chores—with the oxygen you need to succeed.*

USANA Iron Helps Maintain Cellular Energy Production*

The energy you need to tackle weekend adventures and household projects doesn’t appear out of thin air. It’s produced by the cells in your body with the help of that powerful mineral—iron.

Your muscles and mind need cellular energy to bring out the weekend warrior in you. And the USANA Iron supplement is a great way to stock up on this important mineral.

Iron works at the cellular level by playing a part in the creation of ATP, the energy currency of cells. ATP is produced by cellular respiration—the process your body uses to extract energy from the food you eat. Iron works at the end of cellular respiration (in the mitochondria of your cells) and helps run the pump that generates ATP.

When your cellular energy stores are full, you can produce all the power you need to enjoy an active and productive weekend. You can thank iron for cranking the pump that generates ATP. USANA Iron can help support muscle energy and maintain your drive to work through the week and to play hard on the weekend.*

Healthy Pregnancies Need Support from Iron

Women are amazing, and their toughness is on full display during pregnancy. During gestation, women’s bodies supply their growing baby with all the nutrition the fetus needs to develop. That includes increasing their own maternal blood supply by nearly 50% during those nine months.

With more blood pumping, iron is a necessity. Pregnant women require nearly twice the iron they need pre-pregnancy (about 27 milligrams each day) to supply oxygen to themselves and their growing baby. An iron supplement can be a significant source of the vital mineral and helps support healthy pregnancy and fetal development.*

If you’ve been pregnant, you know how much work goes into carrying a growing baby. Iron supplementation can help you keep up your stamina during pregnancy by supporting healthy oxygen transport throughout your body. Meeting your daily recommended intake can help maintain the energy you need to have a happy, healthy pregnancy.*

Fit USANA Iron into Your Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you’re competing in a local triathlon, running weekend errands, or housing a growing baby, iron is your partner in the work you do. Keeping your blood saturated with oxygen and supporting cellular energy production will help you feel primed and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.*

USANA Iron can help provide the benefits that may optimize your athletic and around-the-house performance. Try adding USANA Iron to your healthy diet and lifestyle habits to see how the mighty mineral can power you through your day.*

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