How do I determine which products are right for me?

USANA understands that each human being has a unique health profile and unique nutritional needs. Part of a lifelong program of good nutrition is recognizing that everyone has specific nutritional needs, and those needs may change as individuals move from one stage of life to the next. For each person, a unique combination of age, sex, lifestyle, and other considerations requires a nutritional program that is both flexible and customized.

USANA Nutritionals comprise both the CellSentials and the Optimizers to successfully meet this challenge. The CellSentials products provide the foundation of USANA’s Nutritional system. The Optimizers allow individuals to customize a nutritional system to meet individual needs.
To summarize: first, choose between the Usanimals for children, Body Rox for teens, and CellSentials or HealthPak for adults.

Next, choose Optimizers that suit individual needs. Optimizers are grouped into categories according to primary benefits. Colored labels help identify these benefits at-a-glance. Optimizers exist that support cardiovascular health, skeletal/structural health, eye health, and many more.

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