Recommendations for Specific Medical Conditions

USANA is a large global organization. Products, dosages, and even sources of raw ingredients can vary by country. We do our very best to create content that is applicable to as many USANA customers as possible, but the focus of this website is on USANA products offered in the United States and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information for USANA products offered elsewhere.

Current scientific evidence shows that a healthy lifestyle, including sound dietary choices, regular exercise and nutritional supplementation where appropriate and advisable, plays an important role in reducing the risks associated with the development of certain chronic degenerative diseases. USANA does not promote its products for use in diagnosing, treating, curing or mitigating any disease, nor can we answer question concerning medications or other treatments and a potential for interactions with the USANA products. We strongly encourage individuals to seek the guidance of a licensed physician, pharmacist, or other health care professional in making decisions regarding nutritional supplementation. These health care professionals have the training and expertise necessary to help concerned individuals make an informed decision.

We further recommend that as a basis for such discussions, individuals provide copies of labels describing the contents of the USANA products in question. This will better enable health care providers to determine which USANA products may be appropriate.

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