USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink

Experience the energizing benefits of USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink in a convenient, ready-to-mix stick packs. It’s the perfect boost to take wherever you go. Simply mix with water, let it fizz, and enjoy this fresh alternative to the typical energy drink.

USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink is formulated without artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors. None of the stuff you don’t want, all while delivering the energy drink benefits you’re looking for.

It’s formulated to give you:

  • Physical and mental invigoration with naturally sourced caffeine
  • B vitamins for energy metabolism
  • Electrolytes for physical performance and to support healthy hydration

Stimulate Your Mind and Body

Naturally sourced caffeine can help you feel alert, focused, and have improved energy levels. And USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink contains about 60 mg of caffeine, as much as an average cup of tea or a small cup of coffee.

Caffeine is a stimulant consumed regularly in coffee, tea, and soft drinks. It works by blocking the effects of adenosine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel relaxed and tired. When caffeine takes its place—effectively blocking the adenosine—your brain and nervous system do the opposite. It’s how the caffeine in USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink helps to rev up your central nervous system.

Essential Nutrients for Physical Performance

Sodium and potassium are two important minerals that help your body function properly. Your cells use them to help transmit nerve impulses and contract muscles. Without these minerals, your muscles can’t contract properly—and too little in your body can lead to muscle weakness and cramps.

USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink can keep your muscles in shape by helping you stock up on potassium and sodium. And it’s essential nutrients don’t stop there. Each sip also helps to give you the B vitamins you need to turn the food you eat into energy.

B vitamins are a group of essential nutrients that play a variety of roles in the body, including energy production. Your body can’t engage in energy metabolism without sufficient levels of B vitamins. Extra B vitamins aren’t going to boost your energy to infinitely higher levels. But if you don’t get enough of any one of these vitamins, you may experience fatigue, weakness, or have difficulty concentrating.

USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink brings together B vitamins to help keep your body ready to produce energy. Then sodium and potassium make sure your muscles can use that energy on demand.

Finally, it includes Chromium, which is a trace mineral that binds to amino acids and other compounds to create Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). GTF allows insulin to bind to receptors on the surface of cells, enhancing the uptake of glucose from the blood. That’s how chromium helps maintain healthy blood sugar already in the normal range.

It’s not just glucose, though. Chromium also takes part in metabolizing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. So, it helps turn the macronutrients of your diet into useful cellular energy.

Electrolytes to Help Keep You Hydrated

In addition to nerve transmission and muscle contraction, sodium and potassium also play a vital role in keeping you hydrated. These key electrolytes help balance the amount of water inside and outside each of your cells.

When you sweat, you aren’t losing just water, you also lose sodium and some potassium. Too little of these minerals can affect your body’s ability to retain water and lead dehydration.

Electrolyte replacement drinks are a great way to maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes in your body. USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink adds sodium and potassium to your water for an easy, convenient, and delicious way to replace electrolytes.

Support Energy and Physical Performance with Ginseng and Taurine

Both ginseng and taurine have established themselves as popular ingredients in energy supplements and foods. Ginseng can be traced back hundreds of years as a popular herb used in traditional Chinese medicine to help strengthen and revitalize the body’s qi. More broadly it has been shown to support physical and mental energy levels, support cognitive function, help the body cope with stress, and is an antioxidant.

Taurine has more modern origins. It’s synthesized in the body and consumed in the diet in small amounts, but taurine in foods has only become popular in the last few decades. When combined with caffeine, as found in USANA Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink,  it’s been shown to support athletic performance.

Key Ingredients

Caffeine (from Green Tea)



B Vitamins

Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate)

Korean Ginseng


Nutrition Facts


Add one (1) stick pack to 8 fl. oz. (235 mL) of water, stir, and enjoy.

Ideal For

Adults looking to support their body’s natural energy cycle.


No. They are fully neutralized from the citric acid included in the formula.

Korean ginseng is known for its stimulating effects and is often used to support physical and mental performance. American ginseng is known for its calming effects and is often used to help manage stress, and support sleep.

Revolve Fizzy Energy Drink does not have any added colors. The green color of the product is naturally occurring, primarily coming from Korean ginseng and riboflavin.


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