Product Usage During Pregnancy and Lactation

Products that are generally recommended during pregnancy and lactation:

  • BiOmega – Research has clearly shown that essential fatty acids are important for developing babies, and many women don’t get enough from diet alone. During pregnancy, omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, support brain, eye, and nerve development, especially during the last trimester.
  • Celavive – When used as directed, there are no known health or safety concerns regarding use of Celavive products during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Digestive Enzyme
  • USANA® MagneCal D
  • Prenatal CellSentials – The CellSentials are not designed specifically for use during pregnancy and do not contain iron. Therefore, it is best to use the USANA Prenatal supplements if possible. Otherwise, we would suggest pregnant individuals discuss the CellSentials with their health professional and add appropriate levels of iron if they are going to be used as a prenatal.
  • USANA Probiotic
  • USANA Food Products – Although the USANA food products are safe to consume during pregnancy, they should not be used for weight loss during pregnancy. Sufficient calorie intake is important to support normal fetal growth and development during pregnancy and breast milk production in lactating women.
  • Vitamin D

*All USANA products should be discussed with a healthcare professional prior to use during pregnancy and lactation. Many of them contain herbal compounds and other ingredients that lack sufficient safety data for USANA to recommend their general usage during pregnancy.

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