Make Your Meal Count with USANA Nutrimeal Active Shakes

You don’t need to be a seasoned meal planner to master nutritious eating on-the-go. There are lots of options for health-focused foods you can eat when you’re on the move. Make a quick-and-quality food choice with the balanced nutrition of USANA Nutrimeal Active or Nutrimeal Active Free. Add 3 scoops or 1 pouch and water to your shaker bottle, shake and enjoy a rich and creamy meal-replacement shake to power your day—while still staying on track to meet your weight-related goals.

Replacing one meal with Nutrimeal Active can help you climb closer to reaching your healthy lifestyle goals. This deliciously balanced meal replacement shake has a lot going for it, like:

  • 20 grams of protein for fueling you throughout the day
  • Eight or more grams of fiber to support healthy digestion and keep you feeling full
  • As few as 10 grams of sugar to help you stay on track with your dietary goals
  • Nine grams of fat for a balanced blend of macronutrients in each serving

You can’t go wrong when you choose Nutrimeal Active. It’s full of nutritious ingredients your body can use to push you through a busy day. And with multiple delicious flavor offerings to pick from, you can have options that leave you feeling full and satisfied. So you can spend your time tackling the day’s challenges with the support of an easy and nutritious meal.

Nutrimeal Active has Whey Protein to Help Build Lean Muscle

The foundation of any meal replacement shake is protein. This macronutrient is essential for building and maintaining healthy muscles. The whey protein in Nutrimeal Active supports your musculature as you go about your day—and as you exercise. Proteins in this shake help maintain growing muscles, so you can start to see the fruits of your labors at the gym or at home.

Protein-dense foods also support feelings of satiety. If you feel satisfied after eating a balanced meal, you’re less likely to go looking for sugary snacks. So a high-protein meal delivers the nutrition and energy you need and can help you avoid the temptation to munch on empty calories.

Feed your muscles with quality protein, like the whey in the Nutrimeal Active formulation. Whey is a reliable, dairy-based protein option—a staple in the world of meal replacement shakes.

The high-quality protein in Nutrimeal Active delivers a lot of bang for your buck. Whey has a high protein-to-weight ratio. That means for every gram of whey included in Nutrimeal Active, about 80 percent is pure protein.

This makes whey a great option when you want to cut down on carbs and fat while still keeping protein high. A serving of Nutrimeal Active does just that. For each of the 20 grams of protein in a Nutrimeal Active shake, you can fuel your body with a balanced blend of carbs and fats.

Take a Plant-Based Approach to Protein with Nutrimeal Active Free

Nutrimeal Active Free is your go-to for a plant-based meal replacement. The 20 grams of plant protein in this shake are sourced completely from brown rice, chickpeas, and peas. This makes Nutrimeal Active Free an excellent alternative to the standard whey protein.

USANA’s plant protein shake has a leg-up on other plant-based protein choices because it offers complete protein. This term refers to the essential amino acids a protein source provides.

Let’s take a closer look at these amino acids and why Nutrimeal Active Free is considered a complete protein source.

You might already have some protein facts stored in your brain, but did you know that there are 20 different amino acids your body uses to create proteins? These 20 amino acids are classified in one of two ways: essential and non-essential.

Non-essential amino acids can be produced by your body, while essential amino acids can only be acquired through your diet. But don’t get tripped up by the nomenclature, both essential and non-essential amino acids are crucial to your body’s ability to build proteins.

A complete protein source can provide all nine essential amino acids. And that’s why Nutrimeal Active Free is special. You know you are securing the complete array of essential amino acids your body relies on in a shake with wholly plant-based protein.

And don’t forget the other perks of this plant-based alternative. Lactose sugars in whey protein can cause stomach upset for some. Nutrimeal Active Free offers a lactose-free protein shake for those with a more sensitive gut. It’s also gluten-free, GMO-free, and made without any added soy, dairy, eggs, or wheat. So you can digest comfortably by avoiding many of the most common dietary triggers.

A Hearty Source of Fiber to Support Healthy Weight and Ease Digestion

Your weight-management journey, exercise regimen, and healthy lifestyle can be fueled by the fiber in Nutrimeal Active shakes. Each shake is a good source of fiber, and that’s great for your health. The eight grams of this important complex carbohydrate in each serving of Nutrimeal Active support weight management, healthy digestion, and help you feel full for longer after you eat.

Dietary fiber is great for helping you reach and maintain your weight goals. That’s because fiber prolongs the amount of time the food you eat stays in your digestive tract. So you feel fuller for longer and your body can extract energy from your food for longer, too. This kind of sustained energy is why fiber is so important in any healthy diet.

Fiber can also support a healthy gut because it isn’t broken down by your digestive system. Instead, it delivers aid to the microbiota that live in your intestines. Prebiotic fibers like inulin and sugarcane fiber feed the bacteria that help break down the food you eat. By optimizing the health of these all-important gut bacteria, you can digest your food smoothly.

Dietary fiber also takes on a gel-like consistency in the gut. It helps bulk up the waste that passes through your intestines, allowing you to maintain regularity.

With lots of fiber in each serving, Nutrimeal Active and Nutrtimeal Active Free provide lasting energy so you can meet the challenges of your day head on. You’ll be empowered knowing the food you ate earlier will fuel you until your next meal.

Stay on Track with 10 Grams of Sugar or Less in Nutrimeal Active Shakes

When you’re choosing a shake for a quick-and-easy meal, you don’t need to sacrifice quality ingredients or pour excess sugar onto your day. Sure, sugar makes food taste great. But you can still find delicious, lower sugar options to help keep your diet on track—like Nutrimeal Active.

Over-indulgence in sugary foods can block you from reaching your weight-management goals. Added sugar can perk you up with a sudden jolt of energy that is quickly depleted so you’re left feeling fatigued. Portion control and moderation are also harder to maintain with sugary foods. Sugar-rich foods also max out your calorie needs quickly without providing the sustained energy you need to make it to your next meal.

Since Nutrimeal Active shakes have only 10 grams of sugar or fewer in a serving, you can avoid the rush and eventual crash of a high-sugar meal. And Nutrimeal Active is a low-glycemic food. That means that it doesn’t dramatically affect blood-sugar. So you can have steady energy you can depend on.

The light sweetness of Nutrimeal Active is enhanced by both chocolate and vanilla flavors, with Nutrimeal Active Free available in vanilla as well. Sweet tooths and savory lovers alike will find this shake a perfect mix of sweet and satisfying.

That’s why this meal-replacement shake fits perfectly into your healthy-eating plan. With less sugar per serving, you know you can conquer sweet temptation with this high-quality meal-replacement shake.

Support Dietary Goals with a Balanced Macronutrient Count and Added Micronutrients

Counting macronutrients is all the rage with today’s diets—and for good reason. Tracking the total grams of each macronutrient you eat each day is a great way to assess the quality of your diet.

You should aim for a balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins with each of your meals. And your meal-replacement shake—for when you eat on-the-go—is no exception to this rule. That’s why a Nutrimeal Active shake is the perfect choice to replace one of your three square meals a day.

Nutrimeal Active and Active Free have a beneficial blend of each macronutrient class. It’s high protein, with nutritious fats from sunflower oil and flaxseed and carbohydrates to support a wholesome meal. And with the fiber from fruit powders, sugarcane, and flaxseed, you can enjoy the taste of your meal and feel good as you digest.

A well-rounded shake like Nutrimeal Active provides energy to power you through to your next meal. When you’re hard at work you may turn to convenience over quality with your food choices. You don’t have to fret when you reach for Nutrimeal Active. Mixed with water, you are on your way to a quick and nutritious meal that supports sustained energy and weight management.

An added bonus of the Nutrimeal Active formula is the micronutrients included. Vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium, biotin, and vitamin B12 further support a nutrient-dense meal and your healthy body.

Magnesium and calcium help maintain bone and muscle health, the body systems that allow you to complete your daily tasks. Vitamin B12 helps support energy levels and the mental clarity you rely on to think critically and problem solve. And biotin optimizes the health of your hair, nails, and skin, so you can go about your day looking and feeling confident.

With so much going for it, you can see why Nutrimeal Active shakes are the perfect choices to replace one of your daily meals. You can receive fast, high-quality, balanced nutrition with the added benefits of key vitamins and minerals in each serving of Nutrimeal Active. So you can stay on track to achieve your dietary goals and fill up on essential macro- and micronutrients.

Two Flavor Varieties to Satisfy Every Palate

You can’t go wrong with either of the delicious flavors of Nutrimeal Active or Nutrimeal Active Free’s vanilla taste. Rich chocolate and creamy vanilla offer the best of both worlds, and a choice for even the pickiest of eaters.

Chocolate and vanilla have long been staples in the Nutrimeal family of flavors. Tried and true, these flavor varieties make a delicious substitute for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And with the Active Nutrition formulation, Nutrimeal Active offers the same tasty flavors with only a fraction of the sugar in the standard Nutrimeal formula. That way you can stay on track with your nutritious eating goals, without compromising flavor and taste.

Eating Well Made Quick and Simple

You lead a busy, active lifestyle. You also need a fast and nutritious go-to meal when you’re out-and-about. A meal-replacement shake with balanced macronutrients and delicious flavor is a fool-proof option. Nutrimeal Active fits the bill. It’s full of high-quality ingredients that will fill you up and won’t detract from your healthy eating and weight-management efforts.

Bust through another busy day with a quick and nutritious meal with Nutrimeal Active.

Key Ingredients

Nutrimeal Active Key Ingredients

  • Whey protein
  • Flaxseed
  • Organic Agave Inulin
  • Sugarcane Fiber
  • USANA’s Prebiotic Fiber Blend
  • Apple, Blueberry, and Raspberry Powders

Nutrimeal Active – Nutrition Facts

Nutrimeal Active Free Key Ingredients

  • Brown Rice Protein
  • Chickpea Protein
  • Pea Protein
  • Sugarcane Fiber
  • Monk Fruit Extract

Nutrimeal Active Free – Nutrition Facts


Add three (3) scoops to 10-12 ounces of cold water, shake, and enjoy

Ideal For

Adults who need a quick, nutritious meal on-the-go.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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