If I am an athlete, should I take higher dosages of certain products?

It is not possible to provide a general recommendation on whether any particular athlete needs extra supplementation. Athletes can benefit from a good multivitamin/mineral product in the same manner as non-athletes. In many cases, athletes are more likely to eat a better diet, increasing their intake of key nutrients. However, the extra physical and mental stresses many athletes experience may also increase their requirement for certain key nutrients.

Either way, the recommended intake of the CellSentials or HealthPak should cover the basic nutritional needs of nearly all athletes. Although exercising increases oxidation to a certain extent, the body of an athlete who regularly trains is also more efficient at dealing with increased free radicals and may not need any more antioxidants than a non-athlete. Whether or not to supplement, and with which products, is a matter that needs to be examined on an individual basis, as it will depend on age, diet, training regimen, and other nutritional and health factors.

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