Which Products are Vegan or Vegetarian?

USANA makes every effort to avoid ingredients that contain animal by-products. However, it has not been possible to entirely eliminate such ingredients from some USANA products.

Gelatin: The gelatin used for the CoQuinone 30, BiOmega, Palmetto Plus, and E-Prime gelcaps is derived from an animal source. Currently there is not a reasonable alternative to the gelatin used in USANA’s gelcap products. We are aware of companies using vegetable-derived gelcaps, but this technology is not yet sufficient to maintain the standard of quality and stability USANA requires. At present, the vegetable capsules we have researched tend to be very brittle, crack easily, and have a poor shelf life. Current vegetable capsules are also difficult to use in filling machines because of their fragility. The gelatin used in USANA products is certified to be from BSE-free (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) sources.


  • Active Calcium Chewable: honey powder, vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • AO Booster: no animal by-products
  • BiOmega: fish oil, capsule (gelatin), vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • BiOmega Jr: fish oil, egg yolk, vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • Body Rox:  vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • Core Minerals: no animal by-products
  • CoQuinone: capsule (gelatin)
  • Digestive Enzyme: no animal by-products
  • E-Prime: capsule (gelatin)
  • Ginkgo-PS: no animal by-products
  • Hepasil DTX: no animal by-products
  • USANA® MagneCal D: vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • OptOmega: no animal by-products
  • Palmetto Plus: capsule (gelatin)
  • PhytoEstrin: no animal by-products
  • Poly C: no animal by-products
  • Procosa: no animal by-products
  • Proflavanol: no animal by-products
  • Proglucamune: no animal by-products
  • Pure Rest: no animal by-products
  • USANA Probiotic: no animal by-products
  • Usanimals: milk calcium
  • Visionex: no animal by-products
  • Vita Antioxidant: vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • Vitamin D: vitamin D (derived from lanolin)

Diet and Energy

  • Fibergy Plus*: no animal by-products
  • Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal: whey protein, sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), and vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal: whey protein, sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), and vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • Wild Strawberry Nutrimeal: whey protein, sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), and vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • French Vanilla Nutrimeal: sodium caseinate (a milk derivative) and vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • Nutrimeal Free*: vitamin D (derived from lanolin)
  • MySmart Whey Protein Shake: whey protein concentrate
  • MySmart Soy Protein Shake: no animal by-products
  • Protein Snacks (Choco Chip, Peanutty Bliss, and Fudge Delite): whey protein and nonfat milk powder)
  • Berry Nutty Bar*: no animal by-products
  • Rev3 can: no animal by-products
  • Rev3 Surge Pack: honey powder

*Please note: While some USANA Foods do not contain animal-derived ingredients, they may be processed on equipment that comes into contact with dairy ingredients or by-products.


The Perfecting Toner contains N-Acetyl glucosamine and collagen, both of which are animal-derived ingredients. None of the other Celavive™ products contain animal-derived ingredients.


  • Intensive Hand Therapy: beeswax
  • Energizing Shower Gel: hydrolyzed milk protein
  • Nourishing Conditioner: hydrolyzed silk
  • Revitalizing Shampoo: hydrolyzed silk
  • Glucosamine HCl is found in the Eye Nourisher, Perfecting Essence, Serum Intensive, and Night Renewal products. Glucosamine HCl, which is ultimately derived from chitin, is a compound found in the shells of shellfish. It is highly processed, however, and once it has been extracted and purified it does not contain any residual animal ingredients or protein.

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