None of USANA’s food or nutritional products contain added aluminum.

Some of the Sensé products contain aluminum in the form of magnesium aluminum silicate. Magnesium aluminum silicate is used as a slip modifier, an ingredient that helps other substances flow more easily and smoothly without reacting chemically. It is a naturally occurring mineral complex similar to bentonite, kaolin, and many other silicates.

Magnesium aluminum silicate has not been shown as genotoxic in oral acute or short-term oral or injection toxicity studies. Additionally, the ingredient is of even less concern topically, because its large molecular size prevents absorption into the skin.

The Sensé product line has been extensively tested under dermatologist and ophthalmologist-supervised conditions. All Sensé ingredients must comply with strict safety standards set by governmental regulations, which are overseen by the CTFA (Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association).

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