USANA Weight-Loss Study: Jumpstart Your Health Journey

If you have ever considered a weight loss program, you know how daunting the idea can be. The process seems never-ending and full of big lifestyle changes. The results would surely be amazing—a transformed body, better cardio health. The list goes on. But the journey to get there might feel impossible.

The research behind weight loss tells a different story. Even when you are just getting started, you are already improving your health. Clinical improvements in several markers of cardiovascular health start as early as the first 5% of body weight lost. So, taking the first steps on your weight management journey can do wonders for your health.

And a new study suggests the USANA Active Nutrition Jumpstart Program may be able to help you start strong.

USANA Jumpstart Program Study

Scientists at the University of Memphis published a new clinical study evaluating USANA’s Active Nutrition Jumpstart Program. This one-week nutrition program includes high quality meal replacement shakes as well as select supplements that can help facilitate weight loss. The program is designed to provide adequate nutritional support during a low-calorie feeding period. You can think of the Jumpstart program as a “reset’ for your diet and a way to start practicing healthier habits.

Results of USANA Jumpstart Program Study:

  • Total of 26 participants completed the study
  • Subjects experienced weight loss and improvements in other body measurements during the study
  • There were clinically significant improvements in several internal health measures
  • Participants reported perceived improvements in their self-esteem, energy, motivation, and even physical appearance
  • The dietary program was well tolerated
  • No significant increase in hunger was reported

Study Design

Losing several pounds in the first week of a weight loss program can be extremely motivating for dieters. To support people in accomplishing their weight management goals, USANA developed the Active Nutrition Jumpstart Program. The program is composed of three meal-replacement shakes, three to four servings of fruits and vegetables, a probiotic supplement, a metabolism supplement, and two vitamin packs each day. It’s a nutrient-dense and fiber rich meal plan.

The study set out to determine the impact of the USANA Active Nutrition Jumpstart Program on weight loss and other measures of health in men and women interested in managing their weight. Twenty-six men and women participated in a seven-day clinical study. They were all instructed to continue their usual activity patterns (not increase their activity) so that the study would measure the impact of the Jumpstart program on its own. In total, participants consumed about 1000 calories per day.

The participant’s weight and body composition were measured on Day 1 and Day 8 of the study, as well as health markers like heart rate, blood pressure, and fasting levels of lipids and glucose. Their subjective moods and feelings of hunger were also documented.

Results and Conclusion

The data showed that the USANA Active Nutrition Jumpstart program resulted in weight loss and statistically significant improvements in several external body measurements and internal health measures.

Subjects reported feeling better about their physical appearance, and improvements in self-esteem, energy, and motivation. They also reported no change throughout the study in irritability, focus, hunger, endurance, and strength. Which is great considering they were on a restrictive diet.

These findings suggest that the USANA Active Nutrition Jumpstart Program, a low calorie nutrient dense and primarily liquid diet, is effective for short-term weight loss. There were positive changes in both weight and body composition. With additional benefits for internal (biochemical) measures of health. On top of those results, participants felt better emotionally and psychologically after the study. These benefits could have compound effects for people that pursue a long-term diet or weight-loss program.

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