How can I calculate glycemic load (GL)?

To calculate glycemic load (GL) for a product, you first have to know the glycemic index (GI) and have the product’s label available. The label should list the total carbohydrates, fiber, and sugar in the product.

First, take the GI and divide it by 100. We’ll refer to this answer as “A.”

Next, subtract the amount of fiber (in grams) from the amount of total carbohydrates (also in grams). Fiber is not digested, so it does not contribute to blood glucose. We’ll refer to this number as “B.”

Last, multiply “A” times “B” to find GI load. For example:

  • The Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal has a GI of 23. 23/100 = 0.23, so A = 0.23.
  • Total carbohydrates minus fiber is 24 (total carbs = 32 grams, fiber = 8 grams, 32 – 8 = 24), so B = 24.
  • Thus, the glycemic load is A x B, or 0.23 x 24 = 5.52.

This formula can be used on any product with a complete nutrition label and a known GI.

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