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Achieve Your Goals with This Weight Management Checklist

It’s time to lighten your load—literally. Carrying around extra weight isn’t good for your body. You know that. But staying at a healthy weight is easier said than done. This weight management checklist helps you focus your energy on impactful activities. Start checking off items and building momentum to achieve weight management goals. Maintaining a […]

Growing Up Healthy: Proper Nutrition for Kids as They Age

Healthy kids have a better chance of turning into healthy adults. But it takes work—and that work starts early. That’s because kids’ nutritional needs tie to the rapid development of childhood. So, nutrition for kids is about growth and development in the present and forming healthy building blocks and habits for a lifetime. Just think […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Tips for Cooking as a Family

Give a kid a fish stick, you feed them for a night. Teach a kid to bake a salmon filet, roast broccoli, and make a salad, you’ve given them the skills to eat healthy for a lifetime. Cooking as a family really can provide significant, sustained benefits for your children. That’s easier said than done, […]

Quiz: Flex Your Fitness Knowledge

Knowing isn’t quite the same as doing. Especially with exercise. When it comes to your physical fitness, action wins out over wisdom every single time. You don’t need to be an exercise physiologist or trainer to get active and stay fit. But fitness knowledge has power. Understanding a little bit about fitness is a good […]

Genetics 101

Learning the Language You’ve probably heard terms like “DNA” and “gene.” Or if you’re really advanced, maybe even terms like “translation” and “heredity.” Or maybe even at the graduate level “SNPs” and “epigenetics.” If you already know all of these terms, great. You already speak the language of genetics. But maybe you could use a […]

Supporting Your Skin Throughout Its Lifespan

The skin you see today isn’t exactly the same as the skin you’ll see tomorrow. Your largest organ is constantly refreshing itself with new skin cells. Every day, you shed over 30,000 skin cells. Every single day. And they’re replaced with new ones. That’s a lot of cellular turnover. It takes a lot of cells […]