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Quiz: Flex Your Fitness Knowledge

Knowing isn’t quite the same as doing. Especially with exercise. When it comes to your physical fitness, action wins out over wisdom every single time. You don’t need to be an exercise physiologist or trainer to get active and stay fit. But fitness knowledge has power. Understanding a little bit about fitness is a good […]

Genetics 101

Learning the Language You’ve probably heard terms like “DNA” and “gene.” Or if you’re really advanced, maybe even terms like “translation” and “heredity.” Or maybe even at the graduate level “SNPs” and “epigenetics.” If you already know all of these terms, great. You already speak the language of genetics. But maybe you could use a […]

Supporting Your Skin Throughout Its Lifespan

The skin you see today isn’t exactly the same as the skin you’ll see tomorrow. Your largest organ is constantly refreshing itself with new skin cells. Every day, you shed over 30,000 skin cells. Every single day. And they’re replaced with new ones. That’s a lot of cellular turnover. It takes a lot of cells […]

Don’t be Duped by These 5 Skincare Myths

If you’ve been paying attention to current beauty and health trends, you know we’re amid a skincare revolution. More brands, products, and tools are available to help you maintain your skin health than ever before. Don’t chalk this trend up to mere vanity, though—taking good care of your skin is about more than just wanting […]

The Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Your health today could be helped by looking back thousands of years. Reach into history and you’ll find an ancient wisdom and practice that you may have heard of, but might not truly understand—Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM is one of the world’s oldest forms of medicine. But in a world predominantly using Western medical […]

What is the Lymphatic System?

Here’s a riddle for you: I’m small, but I’m everywhere. I circulate, but I’m not the circulatory system. I’m not a nobody (or an antibody), and I’m certainly not immune to playing defense against invaders. If you think I don’t filter, you gotta be kidney-ing me. What am I? … The lymphatic system. The headline […]