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Put the Science of Healthy Habits to Work for You

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a drive-thru at your usual fast food joint…like your car drove there on autopilot? You’re confused because you’d told yourself today was the day you’d go to the salad place for lunch. How did this happen? You’ve just experienced the tremendous power habits can have over your life. […]

Circadian Rhythms Drive Your Health

Ever wonder why some animals are nocturnal? Or why you or a friend has to get at least nine hours of sleep every night? Or why a family member can function perfectly well with just five hours? The answers lie in your physiology. Did you know your body has its own internal Rolex? OK, not […]

Get Your Gut Ready to Go on Vacation

A vacation can clear your mind and take the weight of life off your shoulders. But that exotic location, and the journey to get there, could be hard on one part of the body—your gut. Don’t let that ruin your get-away. There are three steps to ensure your vacation is a happy time for your […]

25 Fun Facts About What Makes Men and Women Different

Men aren’t from Mars. Women aren’t from Venus. They’re the same species from the same planet. But the sexes certainly aren’t the exact same. The differences between men and women are real and important. They serve biological functions and can even help you better understand your health needs. These differences give each sex unique strengths […]

It Pays To Play: How Playful Activities Can Improve Health

Playing isn’t just for kids. All work and no play is a very bad idea, because the importance of play can’t be overstated. Playful activities for adults—like sports and physical games—help support mental and physical health. Most people grew up playing, having fun, being active. But work, stress, and “adulting”—paying bills, taking care of situations, […]